When you receive your helmet it will be of course be fully assembled, we just thought you’d like to see what the main components look like before they get permanently attached.


the helmet

All our replicas feature components cast directly from the original movie props. The helmet is an exact duplicate but is made using a more robust material. A leather chinstrap with metal buckle is fixed to the front visor and, like all of the other parts, has been carefully aged and realistically weathered to match the worn look of the actual props.

iron sky helmets
the frontal protector

The malevolent insect-like face of the Moontrooper helmet has been totally captured in this cast taken directly from a screen used example. The finely cracked and creased leather effect has been faithfully duplicated and the “mustard gas” coloured lenses together with the use of film quality ageing and weathering techniques really bring it to life!

iron sky helmets
the underhelmet

This retro shaped assembly is a vital piece of the design as it carries the corrugated air hose and its feed pipe on the left side, the lunar purifier canister on the other and the air control valve with its grilled inlet on the front. It is a major component but very little of it is seen when the frontal protector is permanently fitted at the final assembly stage.

iron sky helmets
the lunar purifier

Cast directly from a screen used example in our collection the canister features a perforated grill opening effect and heavy use of weathering paints and washes to recreate the dirt and rust ageing seen on the actual props. All assembly and painting is carried out by movie industry trained professional artists so you know you’re getting the best !

iron sky helmets
the dispaly stand

This is an optional add-on item but really makes the difference when displaying your Moontrooper. The base has a cracked leather effect and carries a machined aluminium plaque which catches the light far better than any printed graphic would: the chromed metal tube fitting perfectly into a slot in the helmet to ensure the ideal presentation.

iron sky helmets

These are the main components – all will be permanently assembled on the Moontrooper you receive.

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